The six Pilgrims - Novel by Reinhard Holzegger


A journey through time between the present and the past on the Camino Francés. ISBN: 978-3-903193-00-0

(Uncorrected Version!)

A truthful novel by Reinhard Holzegger
A somewhat different journey on the Way of St James. Accompanied by a captivating and moving story that goes back to the 12th century, where there is a common ground to explore, between then and now. It is a real pleasure to follow the author on his journey, the Camino Francés, because the path has much to tell. Written comprehensibly, but in the fine interweaving, masterly traits of literary creation open up. A novel with a lot of depth and immensely strong feelings, a real challenge for every reader.


"Only those who are willing to accept more than they are able to understand will find access to me." Words of a Way!

(Uncorrected Version!)

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